Is Rhinoplasty Your Ticket to a Great Looking Nose?

Rhinoplasty is also known as nose surgery. The procedure is often referred to as a nose reshaping procedure. The overall goal of this surgery is to improve the look and proportion of the nose. Consider the fact that everyone's nasal structures are significantly different, it is clear to see how customized this type of procedure can be for many individuals. Yet, it is a highly successful procedure leaving few scars and significant improvement on the way the entire face looks. It is both a cosmetic and a medical treatment, depending on the conditions of the patient.<br> <br> What Will This Procedure Do?<br> <br> Rhinoplasty is specialized to the needs of the individual. Keeping that in mind, the surgeon will work with the patient to determine what his or her needs are. This may include a vast number of changes to the way the nose looks and works. It can adjust the size to make it more balanced with other features of the face. It can reduce the width, especially at the bridge or improve the profile, usually removing humps or depressions on the bridge. In some patients, the removal or alteration of the tip, which could be too large, drooping or too upturned, can help. The nostril shape can be changed. The overall goal is to create nasal symmetry and deviation.<br> <br> Determining Its Benefit<br> <br> Although this procedure is safe, some individuals still may not feel comfortable with it. Others may find that it is not one they qualify to have. You should be in good physical health and not be a smoker. You should also be at least 13 years of age or older to ensure that your facial growth is complete.<br> <br> Those who are considering this procedure should consider what they would like to change. Then, schedule a consultation with a surgeon to determine if that is possible. If you have medical concerns this may not be the type of procedure you should put off. Medical concerns are those that include breathing ability because of the integrity of the nose. In other cases, consider the realistic outcome of such a procedure as well as whether it is worth having this procedure performed.<br> <br> Rhinoplasty is a very individualized decision to make. You do not have to make it without getting plenty of information and rinoplastia masculina - guidance from your doctor, though. Take the time to consider how this procedure could help you and improve the way you feel about your nose and your facial structure. For many, having it done can be an outstanding boost to self-esteem and self-confidence. Discuss any limitations and the realistic outcome of any procedure before making your decision. However, know that this procedure is most often safe and successful.
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