A Few Types of Tables Designed For Games

Poker Table<br> <br> A poker table is a table that is used, as you can probably guess, to play poker. This table is usually made of wood or plastic and it has a green topping. The reason behind green is that poker is closely related to money and the color of money is generally considered to be green because this is the color of the dollar. A poker table would probably have: glass holders for all the players on the table, a place where they can put their stacks of poker chips, a seat for the dealer on the top of the table so that he is able to reach all the players and a square shape in front of all the players where they can hold their cards. A poker table is usually round shaped so that all the players are able to see each other with minimal effort. Its shape is probably the most important feature of a situs poker terbaik - http://neokiu.com/ table as it is very important for the players to be able to see everyone so that they can try to figure out what cards their opponents are holding.<br> <br> Chess Table<br> <br> This is a kind of table that has been used a lot throughout the years and it is still being used. A chess table is a regular square table that has a print of a chess board on top and people use it to play this wonderful game. It is generally a simple black and white table with 64 small squares printed on top and arranged just like a chessboard. You are even able to find such tables at parks where friends meet to enjoy an outdoor round of chess. These outdoor chess tables, also usually have a stopwatch on top of them so that players can use it to give time limits to make a move so that the game doesn't last long.<br> <br> Backgammon Table<br> <br> A backgammon table is just like a chess table but the print is different in order to accommodate a game of backgammon. The idea is exactly the same. The differences between these two types of tables are that backgammon ones will usually have a hole for the chips, another for the dice and another for the doubling cube. A backgammon table does not usually have a clock as it is a much faster game than chess. It is a small square table that is designed to accommodate two players.
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