Copaiba Balsam Essential Oil From the Amazon

Copaiba Balsam What is it? Where does it come from?<br> <br> Copaiba Balsam is a resin/tree sap from the Amazonian Rainforests of South America like Brazil, Peru, Argentina to name a few. It is a thick resin with a subtle woodsy aroma and not overpowering, however it is thick liquid so make sure you clean the lip around the bottle after you put the cap back on. Copaiba is harvested in the same way as maple syrup, by drilling holes in the trunk of the tree and allowing the sap to run. It is then collected or harvested without destroying the trees of the Amazon making it a sustainable resin.<br> <br> Once harvested the Amazonian people use it with it's strong antiseptic properties as a wound healer for skin sores, psoriasis and to help stop bleeding. They use it for respiratory ailments and as a gargle when a sore throat is present. Used both internally and externally for all types of infection Copaiba Balsam is found in local stores and pharmacies in Brazil.<br> <br> History: Dating back to the 1600's it was then known as "Jesuits's balsam" by European Medicine. Still used today in Europe in the same way it was then for such ailments as cystitis, bronchitis and diarrhea. What you might not know is that Copaiba Balsam was also listed in the US Pharmacopoeia in 1820 -1910.<br> <br> Research: Since that time Copaiba Balsam has been researched and it's properties documented. In 2002 research confirmed it's effectiveness as a topical wound healer. Depending on the region harvested the sesquiterpenes can range anywhere from 30% to 90%. Research has also shown and documented that Copaiba Balsam not only heals wounds but can kill germs and bacteria, reduce pain and inflammation and have an anti-ulcerous effect. Research in Brazil in 2002 reported that the active constituent "kaurenoic acid" found in Copaiba also inhibited the growth of leukemic cells by 95% and Breast and Colon cancer cells by 45%.<br> <br> Known Actions and Cautions:<br> <br> Actions: Relieves Pain, Reduces Inflammation, Kills Germs, Bacteria and fungus. Inhibits tumor growth, dries secretions and heals wounds.<br> <br> Cautions: Avoid in large doses as it can cause nausea, vomiting and oleo essencial de melaleuca - a measle like rash. A skin patch test is advisable on sensitive individuals. Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membrane as it can be an irritant. Do no use Internally during Pregnancy.<br> <br> If you want to read more about all the wonderful healing herbs and resins from the Amazon Rainforest I suggest you pick up the book called "The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs" by Leslie Taylor, ND. If you would like to purchase Copaiba Resin Mountain Rose Herbs carries it in several different sizes and at reasonable prices. If you are interested in Herbal Supplements from the Rainforest you can visit and read more at .<br> <br> Please remember if you are using or thinking about using Essential Oils it is so important that you educate yourself either with a course or on-line study. You can find a list of approved schools and instructors at the NAHA website. Don't just rely on 1 or 2 Essential Oil books.<br> <br> Essential Oils and their healing properties are a blessing to us all. We need to make sure we use them responsibly as this is a privilege we do not want taken away. Do yourself and those around a favor and learn as much as you can. Make sure whoever you purchase from that you are getting 100% Pure or you cannot expect the same results as shown in the research documentation.<br> <br> To Your Health,<br> <br> Blessings,<br> <br> Cindy
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